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Eclat Femme EDT

Revered for their delicate beauty and potency, jasmine flowers compose the heart and soul of this fabulous scent. The flowers were chosen for their incredible radiance and noble essence and are cultivated in the historic home of fine fragrances in Grasse, France.
Rs 3,699.00 Rs 2,799.00

Eclat Homme

Rs 3,699.00 Rs 2,799.00

FlamBoyant EDT

Rs 3,599.00

Giordani EDP

Rs 3,499.00

Innocent White Lilac

Take yourself away to a garden in full bloom. As you enter the garden you are met with dewy, natural green leaf notes. Deeper in, the powdery floral heart of white lilac leads you on to the velvety base of heliotrope and woody drydown.
Rs 1,999.00 Rs 1,499.00

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